Wild Alaska Snow Crab

Alaska Snow Crab's unique delicate flavor, snowy-white meat and tender texture projects an image of simple elegance.

Alaska Snow Crab


Sweet, delicate flavor
Snowy white meat
Tender texture

nutrition facts

Naturally low in fat and calories, and high in protein

size & specs

Average weight is 1 to 3 pounds
Generally marketed as clusters
Also available in cocktail claws, whole legs, split legs, or lightly scored “Snap ‘N Eat” sections

harvesting methods

Pot Fishing

seasonal availability

Available frozen year-round

preparation tips

Extremely versatile for use in a variety of different recipes
Pre-cooked, so it is ready to eat
To warm, just steam, sauté, broil, grill or roast for 4 minutes to heat through
Serve with drawn butter or dipping sauces